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stargate 15 fics
Fic: Good Times (Sam/Jack) 
7th-Sep-2011 06:03 pm
Sam and Jack - green
Title: Good Times
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Sam/Jack
Prompt: #011 Paperwork & a photo of them together
Word Count: 308
Rating: T+
Summary: He’s sifting through stacks of incomplete paperwork when he finds it.
Notes: Written for sg_15_fics and little_whispers about two yrs ago. :P

He’s sifting through stacks of incomplete paperwork when he finds it. It’s exactly how he remembers it. The frame is made of dark wood and is smooth to the touch. Inside, the photograph is remarkably preserved given everything it’s been through.

He used to keep the photo in his pack when he went on missions with SG-1 and he took it in his briefcase when he moved to Washington.

Sam had given him the frame later on and he’d immediately inserted the photo into it. It meant he couldn’t take it everywhere with him as he used to – it was too heavy with the frame – but it would at least be safe from harm behind the glass.

He lets his gaze roam over the younger faces of Sam and himself. They are sitting next to each other on a bench at a comfortable (yet still rather close) distance. Huge grins are spread over both their faces and Sam’s eyes glint magically in the sunlight. His are as dark a brown as ever.

It had been a good day, quiet and mundane. The team had gotten together for a picnic on their downtime and he and Sam had spent most of the time talking and joking and laughing while Daniel and Teal’c amused themselves with a stray dog they came across. It had been normal, a thing his life was rather lacking at the time.

Good times, definitely.

He props the back of the frame up and sits it on his desk. Only he and possibly his secretary would see the photo, but the thought that he’d be able to look back on his past and one of the best days of his life made him smile.

Feeling lighter and happier, he turns back to the awaiting paperwork. This time as he sorts it, he hums quietly to himself.

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