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stargate 15 fics
Fic: Some Understanding (Sam/Jack) 
18th-Mar-2013 04:01 am
Jack - sg1
Title: Some Understanding
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Characters: Sam/Jack
Prompt: #014 Distract & Tag/Missing scene for “Point Of View”.
Word Count: 272
Rating: T+
Summary: Missing scene for “Point Of View”.
Notes: Written for sg_15_fics and kiki_the_ferret.

Jack sat in his quarters and stared into space as his mind ran through the events of his day so far.

An alternate Carter and Kawalsky had come through the…mirror thing. The quantum mirror. Yeah. That was it.

Well, anyway, they had ended up at the SGC and it was just weird! WEIRD with capital letters. While the idea of having two Carter’s, two Sam’s, around was…well, kind of nice, to be honest…it also was confusing as hell.

And the fact that the Carter from the alternate reality was in a relationship with him – and was married to him in her reality – was more than a little unsettling. He had no idea how he was supposed to act around her, or around either of them for that matter.

He had no idea how he would deal if the alternate Carter – and Kawalsky, too – stayed. Nothing in his training had prepared him for this.

If that wasn’t enough, he was also becoming increasingly curious about how his Carter was dealing. If he was having this much trouble with the situation, what she must be feeling must be worse. He hoped, again, that she’d find it easier to handle than he was.

She understood more about what was going on, so maybe she was.

Sighing, he pulled himself to his feet and headed for General Hammond’s office. He was getting nowhere with his thoughts, so he figured he might as well go along with whatever scenario played out. Let someone else make the tough decisions for once.

Maybe if paid extra attention, he’d find some understanding in whatever it was that was going on. Maybe.
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